Holiday Program

Shelter the Spirit

Holiday Program


Hard to believe the Holiday Season is here again! We at Su Casa will be reaching out to you, to help as many Survivors as possible. During 2017, we sheltered over 300 families and children, assisted 2,500 callers through our 24 hour crisis hotline, conducted over 350 outreach presentations in the community and helped over 50 survivors at our Walk-in Center.  Our goal for the next two months is to provide current and future Su Casa families the opportunity to benefit from our Shelter the Spirit Holiday Program for months to come.

To provide a more effective service to our survivors and make a bigger impact we are introducing our new Holiday Program called Shelter the Spirit! The staff and Board of Directors of Su Casa are very excited to introduce this to all our supporters and share the benefits of this holiday program.

Shelter the Spirit is an expanded version of the previous Holiday “Adopt-A-Family” program aiding families during the holiday season. Your support will allow Su Casa to help as many survivors as possible beyond the Holidays. We envision an opportunity for donors to have flexibility on what they would like to donate.

Shelter the Spirit of Families

With our new program, all donors are welcome to contribute as many gifts feasible! We encourage you to view the Wish List on the Su Casa website. While a few of the items are not typically donated throughout the year, they are highly valued by our Shelter Survivors.  Giving families opportunities to take part in the traditional shopping during a tumultuous time in their life makes gift cards to mainstream stores a big hit.

The best part about Shelter the Spirit Program is that you will not just be helping families whom reside in our programs during the holidays, you will be helping our families 365 days a year! Your donated item might go to a young boy or girl on his or her birthday or school promotion.  Donated items will be secured and given to children who come through the shelter beyond the month of December.

Shelter the Spirit of Programs

Our two main survivor – centered programs provide shelter, food and clothing for all who reside in the course of a 30 day up to one year stay. Our wish is to make their current life journey as sheltered as possible, so they feel safe and have a sense of peace. Our goal is to encourage families to feel as if they are in their own home. Watching televisions on a comfy couch makes a big difference for families. A decorated Christmas tree to put presents underneath makes Christmas morning more joyful for the women and children. Help support our programs by donating towards the Spirit of Programs Emergency and Transitional Shelters.

Shelter the Spirit of Fun

At this time, we ask your consideration in sponsoring a family enrichment experience. The dedicated staff at Su Casa always try to be creative and incorporate fun activities in the programs, but we need your help! Shelter the Spirit of Fun by subsidizing an activity, incentive, and reward. Think about the fun things you like to do with your loved ones. Do you like going to the movies? A baseball game? Zoos and Museums? A trip to an amusement park? Families in our programs would love and benefit much from doing such activities. Our staff would safely transport and accompany them to such adventures. Think of the fun activities you would want to do and contribute to Shelter the Spirit of Fun at Su Casa!

We are grateful for all the support and hope that together we can continue the season of giving as we Shelter the Spirit.